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Program Eligibility

You must meet all requirements to be eligible for the  Practical Training USA  Program.


- Are proficient in English
- Have:
- A post-secondary degree from a post-secondary Academic Institution outside the US with courses in the same field as the training program or an applicable field, plus one year of applicable work experience outside the US in that field, or
- 5 years’ work experience, outside the US, in the same field as the training program  
- Sufficient funds to cover miscellaneous expenses until you receive your first stipend (US$2500 - US$3000).
- The intent to pursue, as a career, the field in which the training will be held or a similar field.
- Have a training position already arranged; or eligible and pre-screened for a Direct Placement Opportunity.

If you meet the above requirements and are ready for a once in a lifetime experience, then CCUSA’s Practical Training USA program is for you. Please email your country office to start your Practical Training Adventure application. After we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview.


Trainees may return to the US for additional training if they meet the selection requirements and have been absent from the United States for no less than two years after the completion of their initial training program.


Depending on the training program you will either be eligible for a 12- or 18-month J-1 Practical Training Visa, although you can do shorter programs as well. On this visa you can only train with the approved host company, and you are required to follow the training guide that was set up by that company.

The CCUSA Practical Training program is not open to positions that are classified as "unskilled" by the State Department regulations. Positions such as the following will not qualify for the program:


Job positions that are NOT allowed on the Practical Training Visa
Attendants, Parking Lot
Attendants (Service Workers such as Personal Service Attendants, Amusement and Recreation Service Attendants)
Automobile Service Station Attendants
Charworkers and Cleaners
Chauffeurs and Taxicab Drivers
Cleaners, Hotel and Motel
Clerks, General
Clerks, Hotel
Clerks and Checkers, Grocery Stores
Clerk Typist
Cooks, Short Order
Counter and Fountain Workers
Dining Room Attendants
Electric Truck Operators
Elevator Operators
Helpers, any industry
Hotel Cleaners
Household Domestic Service Workers
Key Punch Operators
Kitchen Workers
Laborers, Common
Laborers, Farm
Laborers, Mine
Loopers and Toppers
Material Handlers
Nurses' Aides and Orderlies
Packers, Markers, Bottlers and Related
Sailors and Deck Hands
Sales Clerks, General
Sewing Machine Operators and Handstitchers
Stock Room and Warehouse Workers
Streetcar and Bus Conductors
Telephone Operators
Truck Drivers and Tractor Drivers
Typist, Lesser Skilled
Ushers, Recreation and Amusement
Yard Workers

Note: Our Work Experience USA program does offer qualified university students the opportunity to work in the USA in these types of jobs.