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Have questions about the Practical Training USA program? We have answers! 

Most of the common questions we get regarding the program are answered below. Browse through the list of the questions in the categories below. Of course, if your question hasn't been answered, don't hesitate to contact your nearest office.

 All CCUSA's Trainees can only be sponsored in the following occupational categories:


    • Hospitality and Tourism*
    • Information Media and Communications
    • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance
    • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations

We cannot sponsor trainees in any other categories and cannot accept any application that does not clearly fit into one of these categories. Your education and work experience should support the training program being offered as well as your long-term career goals. You also must have a degree from a post-secondary academic institution outside the US in the same or a related field as the training plus at least one year applicable work experience in this field outside the US OR five years applicable work experience in your occupational field outside the US



A training program will clearly involve learning and training of a formal nature. This must be ongoing and closely supervised as well as demonstrating the achievement of specific goals that will be evaluated periodically by CCUSA. This program is NOT a work program. The host company offering you a training program must clearly define the methods of training.
 The CCUSA Practical Training USA program is for a maximum of 18 months but all this time must be fully justified as necessary to achieving the goals set out in your host company’s proposed training plan. CCUSA reserves the right to limit the training program to a suitable amount of time to match the goals outlined. Conversely, the program should be no less than 3 months.
 All prospective trainees must be from a country that has a CCUSA office or representative. When applying for the independent self-placement option, you should give us the name, address and all contact information about your employer with your application. Our Company Headquarters in the USA will contact your employer and forward the necessary application forms and training program guidelines.
For the Independent Self-Placement or the Direct Placement option, a minimum of 8 weeks (although sometimes less) should be allowed from the time a COMPLETED application is submitted to the proposed start date of the training program. However, please note that there can be delays on the Host Company side while they are developing a training plan that meets the necessary requirements. A complete application consists of the following:

Trainee documents:


Trainee application
Training program agreement (signed)
2 PTUSA references - cannot be from the host company offering the training program
CV or Resume 
Proof of Graduation from a post-secondary academic institution (if that is how you are qualifying to do the program)
Once accepted and the training plan is approved, you will be required to sign the DS 7002 Form.
Payment of program fees and insurance (if the host company is not paying the fees)

 Employer documents:



Employer application

Signed Letter of Agreement from host organization (employer)
Employment Agreement 
Copy of Business License or something the company renews each year
Proof of Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
Approved Training Plan (DS 7002) signed by trainee, host company and CCUSA



Participants pay a US$50 fee to register for the program. The program fee is due at the time you submit your application (if the host company has not agreed to pay these fees). Upon acceptance to the program, the insurance payment is due (mandatory if the host company has agreed to not pay these fees). You will be required to prepay insurance for the number of months you will be on the training program. In addition, there is a SEVIS fee (exchange visitor tracking system) and the US Embassy will charge a fee to process your visa. Your local CCUSA office can confirm this cost. All travel costs are the responsibility of the trainee. Fees cover the application process, guidance during the development and approval of the training plan, assistance with visa processing including issuing your visa form (DS2019), insurance, pre-departure support as well as support while in the USA, and materials (handbook, social security sponsorship letter, evaluations and certificate of completion).

You will need to have 2 Practical Training USA reference questionnaires filled out using the forms provided. These references should be from a person who has known you in a professional capacity (i.e. past employer, teacher).
No, you can only train in the capacity of your approved training plan. Your visa is linked to the training plan that was approved and to the Host Company that is offering the approved training program. You cannot work or train anywhere else in the U.S. while you are on this program.
Typically, your visa is tied to the training plan that was originally approved by CCUSA and the consulate. If you are let go or leave voluntarily, you are typically not allowed to pursue a training plan anywhere else and must notify CCUSA immediately to confirm your arrangements to leave the country. However, occasionally there are exceptions to this rule.  If things are not going well on your training plan, or the training plan is not being followed, or the host company decides to let you go, Or the host company is closing their business for whatever reason, please contact CCUSA immediately to discuss your options.
If you have a multiple entry visa, you can travel outside the U.S., however, prior to your departure, you must send your DS 2019 Form to the CCUSA Headquarters to sign your form and validate your travel plans, verifying that you are still in good standing with the program. This must be done each time you plan on travelling outside the U.S.
The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee for the J-1 Practical Training USA Visa is a separate fee that the US Government imposes on cultural exchange agencies for each J-1 sponsorship form to be processed. This is not part of your Practical Training USA application fee and must be paid by you after obtaining your DS 2019 Form and prior to their US Embassy interview (you are required to bring receipt of payment with you to your interview). Directions on how to do this will be provided at the appropriate time.


No, ALL participants must return to their home country and apply for the trainee program. There are NO exceptions to this requirement.  For participants from a commonwealth country, you may go to Vancouver, Canada to apply, although CCUSA recommends that it is always best to return to your home country to apply for this visa.


Trainees are eligible for additional training programs after a period of at least two years residency outside the United States following their initial training plan.  This is different than the 212e ruling and is in fact, part of the regulations.  You are not allowed to do back to back training programs. 

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